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Welcome to our community of employers.

Employers joining our network come from various horizons and in different shapes. More specifically either you are:

  • a startup looking for advice or board members;
  • a not-for-profit organization seeking volunteers short or part timers;
  • a recruiting firm or/and professional recruiter;
  • a SME (Small to Mid-size Enterprise) looking to fill part time or temporary roles;
  • a large institution looking for diversity (of thinking) in input, product or marketing design working sessions, temporary job filling;
  • Or an individual employer (handy work, tutorship, coaching…).

we look forward to welcoming you.

Candidates joining our platform are primarily highly skilled professionals motivated by passion and achievements; and as such, are ipositioned to add significant value to your company (network, expertise, know-how, flexibility, to name a few). When hiring on ReJobbing, look for passion, expertise and flexibility.

We offer various membership plans including free and premium (which comes with additional recruitment tools/features)

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