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We’ve heard you, you are not alone and we are here to help.

We welcome you – member or future member – of the ReJobbers community (Do not forget to follow our selected bloggers here)

Either you have retired, regardless of age, or you are interested in adopting an alternative work/life style motivated by the need to:

  • earn additional income;
  • adopt a different life style, working part time and enjoying life differently;
  • share your deep (and hard learnt) skills with the society;
  • stay active and have stimulating conversations with entrepreneurs ;
  • embrace a complete new activity (manual work or advisory);

then, you are one of ours (consider : you will be an engaged and happy member of the Rejobber’s community). We look forward to welcoming you to our growing group of seniors and retirees who have found a new purpose and happiness, earning income and maintaining a healthy life style/network.


This platform is especially tailored for jobs and work that suit your life style.

Our participating companies include:

  • Startups : companies that will greatly benefit from your expertise, advice and network (including board membership)
  • SMEs : for part time and/or temporary replacements roles
  • Not-for-profit organizations : volunteering, board membership.
  • Individual employers (such as coaching, tutorship, handy-work…)

Some  of our members have acquired deep skills, earned over the course of decades of work and life experience. Others are looking to acquire new skills and transition to  professions that better fit their passions.

As a premium member, you will enjoy numerous benefits including:

  • special offers from our business partners;
  • discounts to our community events;
  • various tips and advisory on how to embrace a new life style;
  • connecting with like-minded peers;
  • and many more.

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The ReJobbing’s team stands ready to assist you.

Live differently, be a ReJobber!
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