Minutes Solutions is a fast-growing professional minute-taking company that serves a global clientele. We strive to provide the highest-quality, prompt, and service-friendly minute-taking solutions and to be the preferred choice for any entity that requires professional minute-taking.

The People

Our Minute Takers come from a variety of different backgrounds: we work with executive assistants, journalists, writers, retirees, stay-at-home parents, and incredible people from all walks of life and at every stage of their careers.

If you’re a good fit for this role, you’ll be a strong writer who’s concise and attentive to detail. Take the Minute Taker Challenge today on our website to see if you have what it takes to join our team!

The Process

Take the Challenge

  • and complete the first part of our assessment process
  • Hear back within 3-5 business days (even if unsuccessful!)
  • Submit a one-way virtual interview to get to know you and learn more about our great team
  • Enroll in our self-guided Training Program
  • Successfully complete the Training Program and start accepting meetings independently

The Perks

At Minutes Solutions, flexibility comes first. We always work with your availability and schedule in mind. On average, our Minute Takers attend 1-3 meetings per week. Most of our meetings take place during the week (M-F) and start between 4-8pm EST.

You will be compensated $56 per one-hour-long meeting and $12 per every additional 30 minutes that the meeting exceeds 1 hour, rounded up. Compensation is based on the duration of the meeting and does not include the time it takes to format and finalize your minutes after the meeting.

You will be eligible for an additional bonus for attending meetings and taking minutes on-site in your area. This rate will also be increased for meetings that exceed four hours. All payments will be made in $CAD via direct deposit.

Our Minute Takers are also the first to be offered any full-time or part-time permanent positions, additional writing opportunities or projects on a freelance basis, and we offer the potential for growth based on the quality of your work.

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